Emotional Support Dogs support their people in everyday life with for example the following diseases:


- depressions

- panic attacks

- burnout syndrome

- phobias

- ...


In situations that are stressful for humans, the Emotional Support Dog helps through its presence. Typical tasks are:

- encourage / motivate to go out

- interrupt panic

- always be there and thus convey security


In addition, helpful commands can be trained, but the main task is emotional support.

service dog, therapy dog, emotional support dog


No matter if big or small dog, mixed breed or purebred dog.

It is important that the Emotional Support Dog has a close bond with its human.


An Emotional Support Dog needs:

- good socialization

- high threshold

- high tolerance

and no hunting, - protection, - territorial, - hats, - prey, - or pack drive.


I am happy to help you choose the right dog or to test whether your dog is suitable for Emotional Support Dog training.


The duration of the training and the costs depend on the individual dog and owner. At the beginning we check the training status and develop a training plan. This can be implemented independently or with the trainer.


Important requirements for passing the test are good basic obedience in public and a trusting relationship between dog and owner.


The training and exam takes place in close cooperation with assistance dogs Gut Paulshof. There the dog is registered as an Emotional Support Dog after the test and receives its identification blanket.


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