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The home session takes place at your home and usually lasts between 1-2 hours. In addition to some questions from my side, I will first observe the behavior of your dog and the relationship with you. After my estimation the practical training starts and we work with you and your dog. For many customers only one home session is necessary and then the concept can be applied independently.


The goal is a relaxed, happy and balanced dog. My concept, based on human and dog psychology, is immediately applicable, followed by quick and visible success.


Your dog is pulling on a leash? Your dog can not stay alone? Your dog is barking at other people or dogs? Your dog is terretorial? Your dog is following you in the apartment? Your dog is anxious or shows other behavioral problems? Then contact us today at info@trustandlead.de


trust and lead is active throughout Germany, mostly Köln, Berlin & Hamburg):




Price per hour (60 min): 85,00€*



Price per hour (60 min): 85,00€


* In the case of distances of 15 km or more (one route) travel will be charged. For journeys of one hour or more (one route), the price per hour (60 minutes) is € 95.00.

Other regions are possible on request.


All prices incl. taxes.


You do not live in Hamburg, Cologne or Berlin and surroundings? No problem, this is the online session.


Is your dog healthy? Physical discomfort should be clarified in advance with a veterinarian. Pain or discomfort can affect your dogs behavior.

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    T. (Samstag, 13 Juni 2020 15:04)

    Thanks so much Nadja for the kind words and encouragement. You’ve provided a very lovely service and we’re very grateful. Good tip on taking some more videos and watching the behaviours. We will do that and keep working on reading body language, both his and ours.