Training Center NRW


Welcome to the Training Center NRW! We are located in Overath, approx. 15 minutes from Cologne.


We offer trainings, courses and workshops. Service dogs are a big part of our work. We help to find the right dog, train them or take final exams. In the training center we have the possibility to train inside or on the fenced-in outdoor area with the support of our pack. 

Offers at the Training Center NRW

Packwalk- experience: Learn to lead a pack of dogs. We focus on your body language & energy.

This is without your own dog, the dog can wait at the training center during the packwalk experience.

Costs for one packwalk- experience: 50,00€

The packwalk- experience is only open for one person or one family.

Pack experience: The own dog gets introduced to the pack, we observe the communication and body language. This is not for very aggressive dogs or dogs in heat. It usually takes 1 hour.

Costs for one pack experience: 50,00€

The pack- experience is only for one person or one family and their dog/ dogs.

Training sessions for individual behavior problems: 85,00€/ hour

or 5 sessions for 350,00€

Free sessions "Socials" at the training center NRW

(a little donation for the non- profit service dog organization would be nice)

Tuesdays 11:00- 11:30am 

Saturdays 06:00- 06:30pm 

At the "socials" all dogs are on a leash and practice individually but next to each other. This is not a dogtraining. The dogs should learn to work with the human even though there are other dogs. Fearful dogs can take the time they need to get comfortable. Reactive dogs will experience that their behaior is not succesful and can learn new strategies. A training session before taking part at the "socials" is recommended, so you know what to work on.

We also offer dog boarding and board & train.

For serious problems with the dog a board & train of 4 weeks is recommended. 

All prices include MwSt.