Preparation for the arrival of your dog

This is how you do everything right!

A dog can be a wonderful companion and greatly enrich your life. In order for the arrival of your four-legged friend to go smoothly, careful preparation is essential.

The right sleeping place

A comfortable and safe sleeping place is not only important for your dog, it is essential for his well-being. Here he can rest, relax and feel safe. A dog bed or basket are ideal options because they are soft and inviting and your dog can enjoy his sleep in them.


A dog crate also has many advantages. For one, many dogs use it as a safe den where they can retreat and relax. On the other hand, a dog crate can help ensure your dog gets enough rest, especially in a household with multiple dogs or in a busy environment.


Furthermore, a dog crate has an additional advantage for puppies: It can help with potty training. By confining the puppy to a small area, you can ensure that he does not urinate in the apartment, which can help speed up potty training. As soon as the puppy signals or becomes restless, however, you should take him outside immediately so he can relieve himself.


It is important to positively associate the dog crate from the beginning by furnishing it with treats, toys and a blanket to ensure that the dog perceives it as a safe and pleasant place.

Choice of food

Choosing the right food is also crucial for the health and well-being of your dog. It is advisable to inform yourself about the different types of food before the dog moves in. Training treats should be small, soft and especially delicious for your dog. Do not let the full food bowl stand around, but establish fixed meal times, ideally right after the walk.

Appropriate toys

Toys are not only important to keep your dog busy and entertained, but also to control and direct his chewing and biting behavior and promote his mental health. Obtain various types of toys that are suitable for your dog's size and age.

Introducing the new home

Before you introduce your dog to his new home, you should give him the opportunity to relieve himself. Then you can lead him through your home and show him his sleeping place. Reward him when he lies down there. Proceed calmly and give him time to process the new situation. Make sure that no dangers such as electrical cables, poisonous plants or cleaning agents are accessible.

When to start training?

Start as early as possible with training to build a strong bond with your dog and promote good behavior. Start with basic commands like "sit" or "down". Use positive reinforcement like treats or praise to encourage your dog and reward him when he correctly follows the commands.

Not sure? I support you in preparing your home and give you valuable tips for getting your new dog accustomed to his new environment. This way, you can avoid typical beginner's mistakes and gain security for the first time with your dog.