Online consultation before adopting a dog

Security and clarity in the decision to choose the right dog

The purchase or adoption of a dog is an important and long-term decision that requires careful consideration and research. My online consultation offers you a unique opportunity to be individually supported and advised in order to make the right decision for your new four-legged friend.

Consultation before adopting a dog (free of charge):

In a first step, I get to know you and your life situation in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of your needs and wishes. During the consultation, we will determine which type of dog, which breed/mix, and which age best suits your lifestyle. This includes talking about different dog breeds and their characteristics, needs, and requirements, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of different age stages. I will give you tips and advice on searching for reputable breeders and animal shelters/rescue organizations to ensure that your new dog comes from responsible breeding. After the consultation, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the WhatsApp consultation (see below) and send me videos for analysis of different dogs.

Duration: 30min

free of charge

Online consultation preparing for the dog's arrival:

You have found the right dog? I will support you in preparing your home and give you valuable advice on acclimating your new dog. This way, you can avoid making common beginner mistakes and gain a lot of security for the first time with your dog. Afterwards, you have the opportunity to stay in contact with me for further consultation via WhatsApp or to choose one of the training packages.

Duration: individual

85,00€/ hour (60min)

All prices incl. taxes.


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Additional options:

WhatsApp/ E-Mail consultation:

All participants in the zoom training have the opportunity to use the WhatsApp or e-mail consultation. Here you get quick feedback without waiting for an appointment and you can send videos for analysis. In addition, the WhatsApp or e-mail consultation is often used for motivation and emotional support.

Duration: individual
Costs: 1,00€/ 1min (Price depending on effort and billing is monthly)


Is your dog healthy? Physical complaints should be clarified with a veterinarian in advance. Pain or discomfort can have a major impact on behavior.