dog Psychology

My career as a professional dog psychologist started in 2013. At the time my male dog Milo was 3 years old and my female dog Lefi 1 year. Both dogs are completely different and have challenged me in different areas. Milo is more of a loner and very self-confident in many situations. If he is barked at by other dogs on the leash it does not interest him. As a terrier he wants to be challenged and needs clear rules and structure. His individual distance is very high and must be respected. Lefi was a hyperactive energy bundle in her early years. She could not stay alone or walk relaxed on a leash. Her initial panic about dogs did not make walking easier. My dogs taught me the most. Thanks to them, I know what trust and leadership means. I would like to pass on these valuable lessons to my customers.

In 2017/2018, as a host family for assistance dogs, I took care and socialized a little poodle mix lady called Bella. Meanwhile Bella is on duty as a diabetes- allert- dog with a girl and I'm very proud of her. The close cooperation with the Assistance Dog Club enables me to train host families with future assistant dogs and to work in workshops for future assistant dog trainers.

In addition to my studies of animal psychology specializing in dog behavior counseling at ATN AG, I have attended various training courses.

A very special training in 2013 was "Trainings Cesar's Way" with Cesar Millan at the Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, California. It was a wonderful self-experience and has helped me in developing my own concept based on human and canine psychology. 

training cesar`s way

Further training:

- One-day seminar "leash aggression" with Anita Balser (Dog Team School) and team at Bremen in the Dog City.

- Day workshop in Maja Nowaks Dog Institute for communication with dogs.

- 10-week online course (interactive with self-study) at Leerburg Online University at Tyler Muto on leash reactivity.

- Workshop "observing and assessing conflicts between dogs" by Ute Heberer.

- Day seminar "dog behavior" with Anita Balser (Dog Team School) and team near Bremen in the Dog City.

- 1st aid course for dog owners at veterinary practice Cathrin Geissler and Dr. med. Diana Duen.

- Workshop on communication with dogs from Dog Institute by Anja Baumert.

- "Loose Leash Walking Self-Study" by Tyler Muto at Leerburg Online University.

- Weekend Seminar "Aggression Practical Seminar" with Dr. Ing. Esther Schalke (BHV recognized).

- speech on aromatherapy at veterinary practice Cathrin Geissler and Dr. med. Diana Duen.

- "How We Manage Dogs in Our Home - A Roadmap to Success" by Ed Frawley at Leerburg Online University

Since 2014 I work closely together with Cesar Millan on his Germany and Europe tours.

2019 press-event with cesar & Calvin Millan in Bavaria

2017 & 2018 Cesar millan "once upon a dog" Tour

2017 Press-event Cesar Millan Garmisch- Partenkirchen

2014 & 2015 Cesar Millan "Leader of the pack" Tour

In 2017, I completed the alternative practitioner for psychotherapy at the city of Hamburg and have been working as a coach ever since.


Continuing education through courses, literature and films is self-evident for me.

Permission according to § 11 No. 8 TSchG of the city of Hamburg exists.