1. phone session

Get to know trust and lead and the concept. Take advantage of the non-binding and free offer of the one-time 20-minute telephone consultation.


Duration: individual
Costs: one-time 20min free of charge, then 1,00€/ 1min

2. individual dogtraining

As a mobile dog school we work at your home, which is where most of the problems develop. In addition to a few questions, we will first observe your dog's behavior and relationship with you. After the assessment, the practical training begins and we work with you and your dog. For many customers only one individual dog training is necessary and then the trust and lead concept can be applied independently.




trust and lead regularly offers appointments in NRW, Berlin, Brandenburg & Hamburg. For appointments outside of Germany the costs may differ.

Location: at your home/ outside
Duration 1st appointment approx. 1-2 hours
Duration 2nd appointment approx. 30min - 1 hour

50,00€ (30min)

95,00€ (60min)

170,00€ (120min)

Add. travel costs

For distances of 15km or more (one way), there will be extra travel costs.

3. online training

Do you live further away? Do you need feedback? Would you like tips?

An online session can only take place after an appointment has been made in advance.


Location: Zoom
Duration: individual
Costs: 75,00€/ hour (60 minutes)

offers training center nrw

1. Packwalk experience

Learn to lead a pack of dogs. We concentrate on your energy and body language. This offer takes place without your own dog.

Location: Training Center NRW in Overath
Duration: up to max. 1 hour
Costs: 75,00€/ hour (60 minutes)

2. individual session

For the individual training with you and your dog.

Location: Training Center NRW in Overath
Duration: 30min- 1 hour

45,00€ (30min)

85,00€ (60 minutes)

150,00€ (120 minutes)

3. evaluation of the dog/ training level

Not sure whether you benefit from individual training or whether you can take part in training groups with your dog? When assessing your dog, we test the relationship between dog and owner, the dog's behavior in response to various stimuli (e.g. people, dogs, ...) and its basic obedience.

Location: Training Center NRW in Overath
Duration: 30min


4. boot camp

For intensive work with your dog we recommend a longer stay in Overath and booking various offers.

Location: Training Center NRW in Overath
Duration: weekend or week


5. board & train

The Board & Train is for the human-dog teams who have deep-seated problems and where a restart is necessary for both sides. With such problems it is important that the dog is taken out of the familiar environment and can learn new things with the help of the dog pack. The owners are involved in the process and given homework to change their behavior. A dog is not a machine that can be buttoned. A change in behavior among the owners is necessary for success.


Location: Training Center NRW in Overath
Duration: 4 weeks
Costs: on demand

in addition:

At the Training Center NRW training groups are also regularly offered and there is the option of dog care during the day or on vacation.


Is your dog healthy? Physical complaints should be clarified with a veterinarian in advance. Pain or discomfort can have a major impact on behavior.


trust and lead works all over Germany. Mainly in the regions around Cologne, Berlin & Hamburg.


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