Dog Psychology

in Hamburg & Berlin and online!


The concept of trustandlead is based on human and dog psychology. It is immediately applicable, followed by quick and visible successes.

The goal is a relaxed, happy and balanced dog.

In the concept of dog psychology, we focus on the "state of mind" of your dog. The "state of mind" refers to the instinctive side of your dog, not just his obedience.

The best part about my work as a dog psychologist is to form a team of dog and owner again, which is build on trust.

Your dog is pulling on a leash? Your dog can not stay alone? Your dog is barking at other people or dogs? Your dog is terretorial? Your dog is following you in the apartment? Your dog is anxious or shows other behavioral problems?

I will help you understand your dog and show you how to communicate with your dog about body language and energy.

Together we will find out how we can meet the needs of your dog for a harmonious life.

Take the lead, your dog will thank you.