7 tips for multiple dog ownership

What's better than one dog? Multiple dogs.

Multiple dogs. Owning multiple dogs can be a wonderful experience, but it can also present some challenges. Here are 7 tips for multiple dog ownership.

1. Individual time

To ensure each dog gets enough attention, it's important to set aside time for each dog individually. Walks, playtime, and cuddle sessions should be organized separately if necessary. Additionally, it's important for the dogs to learn to be apart from each other. Otherwise, they may experience stress when separated. There will be situations where they need to be separated (e.g. one is at the vet).

2. Clear rules

Clear rules are essential for successful multiple dog ownership. Each dog must understand what is expected and which behaviors are unacceptable. Consistency is essential so that all dogs are treated fairly. Clear rules provide the dogs with security, and they don't have to establish their own rules with each other.

3. Rituals

Rituals provide trust, safety, and companionship. For example, a feeding ritual can be especially helpful, so that each dog knows what to expect. This can prevent stress and make everyone comfortable. Other rituals can be created for preparing for walks, during walks, playtime, or cuddle sessions.

4. Privileges for seniors

Privileges for senior dogs must be considered in multiple dog ownership. Older dogs may require additional care and rest periods. It is also advisable to offer them preferential sleeping places and feeding areas. Old and sick dogs may not be accepted by other dogs. It's important to ensure that they feel comfortable and safe.

5. No fighting over the owner

Fighting over the owner should be stopped immediately. In the worst case, these disagreements can quickly turn into serious fights. Dogs don't need to compete for their owner's attention if they are all treated equally.

6.Rest periods

Resting together (controlled) is also important for dogs in multiple dog ownership. A cozy dog bed or a comfortable carpet area with enough room for all dogs allows them to rest and bond together. Contact lying can be a very important element to make the dogs a harmonious pack. However, contact lying should never be forced.

7. Control excitement

Excitement should be curbed to avoid accidents and injuries. Too much energy or boredom can become problematic during playtime or running around. Regular physical activity and mental stimulation help to keep the dogs calm and happy.

In summary, successful multiple dog ownership is characterized by clear rules, individual time for each dog, privileges for seniors, the cessation of fighting, resting together, and curbing excitement. If these tips are followed, multiple dogs can live harmoniously, and owners can enjoy the benefits of successful multiple dog ownership.

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